Arrow Tank Company was founded and Incorporated on April 1, 1937 in Buffalo, New York.

Arrow Tank started as a small woodworking shop making and repairing tanks, reconditioning beer barrels and repairing wooden laundry machines.  In 1939, the Company began manufacturing quartered oak casks for the wine industry.

A major growth spurt occurred during World War II due to the demand for tanks needed in the defense industry and other priority rated industries.  A new plant was built in 1946, it now serves as our current manufacturing facility.

In a fifteen-year period after World War II, Arrow Tank purchased Pfeil Cooperage Co. Inc., Yeager Lumber Co., Wendnagel & Company and Continental Pipe Manufacturing & Sales Co.  This allowed Arrow Tank to expand its product line to include wholesale lumber, metal man-way doors for wood tanks and wood pipeline for the utility industry.  These acquisitions brought with them access to over one hundred years of experience in the lumber and wood tank industries.

Arrow Tank is a job shop.  We only manufacture against firm orders in accordance with customer plans and specifications or our engineering recommendations.  We can manufacture round, elliptical, tapered, square or rectangular tanks.  Round tanks are the most popular and most economical tanks we manufacture.

Arrow Tanks are used in many industries including, but not limited to foods, wine, liquor, chemicals, pigments, dyes, tanning, electronic testing, ceramic slip, pollution control, process and waste water treatment, air conditioning, recreation, fire protection and water storage.  Arrow Tank sells and services local, national as well as international clients.

Arrow Tank supplies replacement parts for existing tanks, performs tank repairs, inspections and appraisals, sells and installs tank liners and provides technical advice regarding the most effective solution to liquid containment. 

Artco Lumber division of Arrow Tank is a wholesaler of Redwood, Cedar, Cypress, Douglas Fir, yellow and white pine lumber.



Arrow Tank Company Inc.  16 Barnett Place    Buffalo, NY 14215
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