For wood manhole doors-a tasteless, odorless wax for sealing man-ways.  Available in 25lb.pails.  In stock for immediate delivery.


New or replacement baffle staves or internally mounted baffles to improve the agitation and mixing of liquids.


Redwood or Douglas Fir, custom turned to your small diameter, large diameter and length requirements.

Wood Chips
Oak and Cedar chips are sold by the 20lb. bag.


Conical Tank Roofs
New and replacement roofs of rafter and header construction.  Center posts, rafters, fascia boards, exterior plywood sheathing or your specification.


Tank Drains
Easy to install flanged drains
in Brass, Everdur, Monel, 304 & 316 Stainless Steel and PVC. 1" IPS to 8" IPS.  Wide flange for leak-proof connection in staves or bottoms.


Tank Covers
New or replacement flat tank covers with supporting joints and hatchways.

Tank Hoops
A36 hot rolled merchant quality mild steel.  Options include, hot dip galvanized, PVC covered, epoxy coated,304 or 316 stainless steel or monel.  Oil cut threads, bent to tank diameter prior to shipment.


New or replacement for inside or outside installation.


Malleable Iron.  Plain or hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel or monel side pull adjustable draw lugs. Sized .5" to 1.25".


Tank Manways
For wood stave tanks-yokes, doors, inside or outside frames.  Complete units, cast iron, epoxy coated or stainless steel.  Also available in solid wood fitment to the staves.  If tank entrance is through the top, a hatchway with cover can be supplied.


American standard heavy hex nuts.  Plain or zinc plated.  Sized from .5" to 1.25". hex.


Threaded studs and rods cut to specific length from your choice of materials.


Tank Wrenches
Heavy duty ratchet socket wrenches for tightening tank hoops and tie rods.  Interchangeable socket sizes are available.  Sockets are Broached hexagon or square to standard nut depth with a round clearance hole large enough to permit passage if the bolt shank.


Wet Surface Liner
An excellent two part clear thick liquid product for stopping leaks in wine, vinegar, brine and whiskey tanks.  Will adhere to dry, damp or wet surfaces.  Cures in air or under water.


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