Custom Wood Tanks
Round, half-round, elliptical, conical, square or rectangular tanks with wood or concrete bottoms, open or closed tops.

Lumber choices include Redwood, Douglas Fir, Cypress, Cedar-Alaskan Yellow or Western Red or American White Oak.  The choice of species is determined by the application, projected longevity and budget considerations.


Custom Wood Hot Tubs
Manufactured to the same high standards as our storage and process tanks.  Round, elliptical or conical hot tubs are available in Redwood, Cedar, Cypress and Mahogany.  Hot Tub seating options include single, double or surround benches.


Custom Wood Planters
Planters and Plant stands manufactured to your plants and specifications or our standard designs.  Models are available for indoor or outdoor use.

Wood Pipe
Wood Pipe is excellent for containment and transmission of corrosive materials.  Especially useful for transmission of water in remote area or uneven terrain.


Cabinet units for scrubbing
process gases prior to discharge.  Our degasifiers are custom designed to handle specific volumetric requirements.


Tank Agitator Blades
Wood blades of high strength for slow speed mixing of dense or abrasive liquids or sluries.


Custom Wood Saunas
For home or health club installations.  Redwood or Cedar paneled.  Complete kits-custom sized, packaged and shipped for on-site assembly.

Wood Gutters
For collection of liquid runoff and architectural restoration projects.


Wood Tanning Drums
For processing large or small hides from commercial to taxidermy sizes.  Drums are designed for wet or dry applications.


Custom Wood Products
Our design or yours for home, garden or industrial applications.



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